When To Buy Custom Software:

The key factor in the decision to invest in custom software is the payback period: how
long it takes you to recover the cost of customization.

Our research shows that a custom software application should save enough to pay for
itself over the first three years of its use. We’ve found this maxim to be as true for the
Fortune 500 companies that we've customized software for as it is for the smaller
companies who are setting up their first computerized system.

At DSDC, our custom software service starts with the payback calculation. Instead of
delivering a system that’s uneconomical for your company’s present needs, we’d rather
give you some honest advice now and have you come back later when customization
makes sense.

Our Business Style:

When we design a custom application for your business, our professionals study your
business in general and your way of doing things in particular. We look for ways to make
your business more efficient, easier to run and more economical.

Most importantly, we strive to deliver a custom software application that is designed to
operate in a format that does not change the way that your employees are accustomed
to perform their daily tasks Then, we create software to help you achieve these goals
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