Why Customized Software?

Off-the-shelf software, a mass-produced product, costs less initially than customized
software. But there’s another price to pay - mass-production means that you have to
adapt your way of doing business to the off-the-shelf software way of doing business.
With customized software, you get a software application that is adapted to your way of
doing business. There’s a big difference.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

  • We have produced software for a broad array of markets;
  • We offer software development experience derived from servicing many of the
    Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of large and medium-sized firms;
  • All of our applications are intuitive, easy-to-use and require minimal training;
  • Once we deliver our software, it is guaranteed for the lifetime of the application  for
    the operating system on which it was designed to work;
  • After delivery, all software corrections are programmed free-of-charge and the
    programming error must be addressed within 2 hours of the trouble call. If no
    programming error is found, there is still no fee assessed;
  • There is no service, maintenance or software licensing scheme after delivery;
  • The client owns the source code;
  • We support our software 365/24/7.
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